Fun Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Kids

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Do you remember the games you play right inside your home? For sure, you were having so much fun, and bursting into laughter, sweating, and even so happy while playing. Why not bring back your inner child and play with your kids? Let them put their gadgets aside and have fun! For sure, they are going to love playing fun games with you than being glued to their gadgets and play. So, are you ready to play?

Here are few indoor games that you can play with your kids at home:

  1. Obstacle Course.

What you can do is to make use of the couch, pillows, ottomans, blankets, and anything you got at home that you can be used as props for this game. Add some variations to this games like doing ten jumping jacks, tossing toys into laundry baskets, crawling underneath the table, climbing over an ottoman, etc. It’s up to you how you lay down this game according to its level of difficulty. There are no hard and fast rules. You are the boss!

  1. Charades

This game can be played by both your kids and other adults alike. A classic game like this will never fall short when it comes to delivering fun and excitement. You can have certain themes like the words is all about movies, TV shows, famous singers, etc.


  1. Board games.

What better way to play a game that is both visual, that enables you and your kids to improve their problem-solving skills. Famous board games you can play indoors include scrabble, checkers, chess, monopoly, Pictionary, among others.

  1. Paper games

Another type of classic games that can be played by you and your kids is the paper games such as tick-tack-toe, dots and boxes, and hangman. So, prepare paper and pen and start playing!

  1. Hide and Seek

Another classic game that surely you have played before when you were a kid is hide and seek. You can have a variation of this game by hiding and seeking in the dark! So, scary! But for sure it adds more excitement to the game.

There you have it five indoor games that you can play with your kids. Bring the fun to the comforts of your home and bond with your family. The best part of it all, you are not going to spend a dime to start playing. Most of the games mentioned can be played using stuff you have at your home while others do not need any props at all.

Playing indoor games can be a good way to sweat it all out, a good way to exercise the mind and body, and also, minimize the number of hours your kids are facing the computer, smartphone or playing video games. This can also enhance their social skills and interaction with other people, too. It would be great to invite your kid’s friends and play with them, or supervise the games with them, see them play.

As a parent, you would only want your kids to enjoy their being a child. What better way to do this than having to play indoor games with you and/or with other kids as well. Not only that, it can also help you lessen your stress levels. You and your kids are going to be happy, having so much fun. For sure, they are going to look forward to playing with you and together with their friends.

What are you waiting for? Start playing one of the above-mentioned games and have fun!


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